Disposable Foil Dutch Oven Liner, 12 Pack 10” 4Q l…

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CampLiner preformed Dutch oven liners are a perfect fit when it comes to cooking in the outdoors. Your cleanup will be a snap and you can enjoy the outdoors even more. The liners are strong enough to stir in and even lift your meal out of the oven for serving without the heavy, dirty, hot Dutch oven. You can now prepare dinner and dessert in the same oven. Just lift out your dinner and pop another liner, with your dessert already in, into the hot clean Dutch oven. These are perfect for large groups and Scouting. They come in three sizes and fit most ovens. We do not make a “Deep” version but the regular liners can be used in deep ovens if you fold up the sides, or hang the liner off the bottom for breads etc. They store perfectly in your oven for travel. Try them on your next outing.Disposable Foil Liners, 12 Pack 10″ 4 Quart. Fits most 10 inch ovens, Lodge, Camp Chef etc.
Strong enough aluminum to stir, and lift you food out. No more foil in your teeth.
Protect your season, no more burned on sugar, great for Scouts and large groups.
Never Season or Clean your Dutch oven again, make cooking outdoors easy for the beginner.

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