Cate Maker 12-Inch Wok / Stir-Fry Pan omelet Fryin…

(as of UTC – Details)

Cate-maker frying pan adopts high – quality aluminum alloy material, Visual, high – quality anti – ironing handle, and round hole compound bottom, so that the cooking process is effective and energy – saving, conductive, and compatible with a variety of stoves, left and right dual – leakage nozzle design, one – pot, to meet a variety of cooking requirements, the 5 – layer DuPont not process, less oil fumes and easy to cleanThe omelet frying pan has two – drain design, two – way pour spouts for easy draining, The soup can go down by the pour spouts without leakage,satisfy cooking needs
The bottom of the fry pan pot is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the thermal conductivity is better than the iron pot
Double circle oil control expert, use oil visible, , First Circle are used to Hypertensive hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia people,The second circle of oil for healthy people, the choice of healthy crowd
The fry pan has 5 layers of DuPont Non-stick layer, healthy and no PFOA material, and easy to clean
Round hole poly composite bottom, flat bottom design and compatible with a variety of stoves, efficient energy saving, rapid thermal conductivity, and durable use of non – deformation

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